■Product Description
Suji's is widely credited with introducing the culture of “brunch” – that leisurely middle zone between breakfast
and lunch – to Korea. The brunch concept remains an integral component to introducing “deli culture” in the same market.
They are flip sides of the same coin when it comes to convenient, casual dining.
Pastrami, the indispensable centerpiece of any good New York style Deli, has its origins in the late 19th century,
when curing techniques helped preserve meat in the absence of refrigeration. Unlike molded and pressed meats
such as spam or bologna, pastrami is cured under the supervision of a master chef from whole beef brisket or similar cuts.
It is delicious as a sandwich meat on rye bread, bagels, or other breads – but can also be enjoyed by itself as
an antipasto or as a hearty complement to salads.

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