Suji's Cuisine is a culinary crossroads between Korea, Japan, and the United States. We love what we do -- immersing in the flavors of one region, then exploring tirelessly in the kitchen for ways to package and export those flavors to our other markets. We are passionate about our roles as international standard bearers for the latest culinary trends. 
Suji's Cuisine CEO Suji Park personifies the triangle of culinary culture our company represents. A native Korean who is fluent in English and Japanese, Suji studied New York dining culture and restaurant management for years at the French Culinary Institute(now renamed International Culinary Institute). She is credited with singlehandedly importing the "New York Sunday brunch" to Seoul with her 2005 restaurant opening; dozens of restaurants have imitated her example. She now runs Suji's restaurants and U.S. embassy cafeterias in both Seoul and Tokyo.
Suji's Cuisine launched its food research business first in Seoul in 2010, then in Tokyo in 2012. The company has seen explosive growth in its three food retail brands: Miru Sikdang brings the flavors of Korea to a Japanese mass market environment; Azabu Shokudo packages delicate Japanese flavors for retail in Korea. Our latest brand, Suji's Deli, brings New York Deli style products to both countries. Our brands are sold to some of Asia's biggest distributors, including Costco Asia and Warawara.
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